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Medak District
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Medak District is located in the state of Telangana. Sangareddi is the district headquarters of Medak and Siddipet is the most populous city.

Pre History : 
Traces of Neolithic and Megalithic culture was found at Edithanur and Wargal[4] village hillocks in the district. Rock paintings were found at Edithanur boulders and Hastallapur rocks.
Buddhism & Jainism :
The district was once under the vast Mauryan empire during the rule of Ashoka, followed by Sathavahanas. Archaeological excavations conducted at Kondapur village in the southern parts of the district yielded several ruins of Buddhist Monasteries and coins of Sathavahana dynasty. Some inscriptions indicate the existence of Jain Vestiges in the district.
Kakatiya Reign :
Medak area found its peaks during the rule of Kakatiya empire. The fort built at Medak was called the Methukudurgam (and the area as Methukuseema), from the Telugu word Methuku – meaning cooked rice grain.
Nizam state :
In 20th century Medak district was a part of Nizam princely State before independence and merged into Hyderabad State in Independent India and presently a part of Telangana. Qutub Shahis named it as Gulshanabad which means City of Gardens due to its luscious Greenary later it was called as Medak again.

Mandals :

There are 46 mandals in Medak district


Alladurg Kondapur Raikode
Andole Kowdipalle Ramachandrapuram
Chegunta Kulcharam Ramayampet
Chinna Kodur Manoor Regode
Doultabad Medak Sadasivpet
Dubbak Mirdoddi Sangareddy
Gajwel Mulug Shankarampet-A
Hathnoora Munpalle Chinna Shankarampet
Jagadevpur Nanganur Shivampet
Jharasangam Narayankhed Siddipet
Jinnaram Narsapur Tekmal
Kalher Nyalkal Thoguta
Kangti Papannapet Tupran
Kohir Patancheru Vergal
Kondapak Pulkal yeldurthy


Tourist attractions in Medak :

Edupayala Temple :
Edupayala Durga Bhavani Gudi, located in Telangana and adjacent states of karnataka and Maharashtra, is a shrine dedicated to goddess Durga Bhavani that contains unique natural stone formations. The name Edupayalu means “seven streams”, as it is located where the Manjeera river splits into seven streams.

Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary :
Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary is a forest and wildlife sanctuary named for the nearby Pocharam Lake.
Other Destinations :
Medak Cathedral sees over the Diocese of Medak, the single largest diocese in Asia. It is made of white granite stone, with four pinnacles and a 175 foot bell tower. It features intricate mosaic flooring and large stained glass windows.

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