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Khammam District
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Khammam District is a locale in Telangana, India. It had a populace of 2,565,412 of which 19.81% were urban starting 2001 enumeration. Khammam town is the locale home office. The present name of Khammam is determined its name after a nearby slope, which was called as ‘Stambhadri’. The town was called with distinctive names beginning with Stambhadri, Kambhadri, Kambham mettu, Khammam mettu and after that at long last as Khammam.

The Godavari River enters Khammam locale from Warangal area and streams about 250 km over the region. Khammam region is one of the “Coal mining locale of India.”the area has the Singareni Colleries head town , Kothagudem which is additionally called “Coal town of South India.” It is at present a piece of the Red Corridor.


Prehistory : Paleolithic man probably roamed around the areas of lower Godavari valley and the surroundings of Bhadrachalam, Kothagudem, Sathupally and Paloncha Taluks in the district. Prehistoric rock paintings were found near Neeladri konda near Lankapalli of Sathupally Taluk.

Megalithic Dolmens were found at Janampet of Pinapaka Taluk. Megalithic site on the campus of Government Degree college in Khammam has yielded pottery and skeletal remains. Kistapuram and Padugonigudem villages in Gundala Taluk of the district were rich in Megalithic cultural remnants explored and discovered recently. 

Buddhism : The southern parts of Khammam district flourished as famous Buddhist centers along with Amaravathi and Vijayapuri along the rivulets Munneru, Wyra and Murredu. Important Buddhist sites in the district are Nelakondapalli, Mudigonda, Aswaraopeta and Karukonda near Kothagudem.

Khammam is divided into 4 revenue areas and 42 Mandals.

BurgampaduKalluruMudigondaVararamachandrapuram (V.R.Puram)
ChintakaniKhammam (Urban)NelakondapalliVemsoor
ChintoorKhammam (Rural)PalonchaVenkatapuram



Tourist attractions in Karimnagar


Bhadrachalam, Khammam, Papi Kondalu, Parnasala, Sitaramachandra Swamy Temple, Abhaya Anjaneya Temple, Khammam Fort, Nelakondapalli, Stambhadri Narasimha Swamy Temple, Pattisam, Veerabhadra Temple, Boating, Water Falls, Water Streams are the Tourist destinations to Visit.

Bhadrachalam : Lord Sree Sita Ramachandra Swamy Temple in Bhadrachalam (Telugu: శ్రీ భద్రాచలం సీతారామచంద్ర స్వామి వారి దేవస్థానము) is a Hindu temple of Lord Rama located in Telangana, India. The area is called as Bhadrachalam and is the venue of grand celebrations on Rama Navami day, when the wedding anniversary of Lord Rama and his consort Sita takes place with much fanfare.

Papi Kondalu : Papi hills are three in number situated like a wall in the midst of holy river Godavari, nearly 100 KM far from Rajahmundry. Every Tourist visited Papi hills on luxury cruise have enjoyed scenic beauty.

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