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Actress Sreemukhi Photos
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  1. Srimukhi is one of the famous anchor who became famous on Television.At present Sreemukhi plays first role in all of anchors.Sreemukhi use to always entertaining the audience by some reality shows,Comedy shows.On one side as a character artist and as a heroine she is using her chances.

    Recently Srimukhi had acted in a movie called "Ammadu Babu Baga busy".This movie is under the backdrop of Scene and comedy.She had done romance with "Avasarala Srinivas".Recently she had watched venkatesh "Guru" movie she had sunged a song "O Sakkanoda" in a comedy angle.On one side as a heroine this news will be used for her for promotion.

  2. There's a little bit of wit in the movie. watch free