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Bislery Bottle Telugu Full Length Short Film
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Synopsis :

Bislery Bottle, a short film with a cool feel. This story is of Peddulu (L.B.Sriram) who is struggling with heart disease but unawre of it. His mother Narsamma (Pavala Shyamala) tries to do some household chores and earn food for her son. Peddulu has a piece of land in his own village which he plans to sell for his treatment. But his irresponsible son Konadaiah, a henpecked husband, opposes Peddulu and fights for his right over the land along with his wife. Unable to bear the expensive treatment in a big hospital, Peddulu goes to a nearby government hospital. While walking on the road, he faints. There comes a youngster on his vehicle and helps him to reach the village. The youngster takes him to the nearby hotel and buys Bislery water bottle and some break fast for him so. Peddulu feels gratitude and feels blessed to have met with this youngster. The youngster also gives Peddulu some money and his contact details and promises him to bear all the expenses of his treatment. Peddulu's mother come sto know about his health and also that he had to undergo heart operation to survive. She cant help but pray God to save her son. In this greif Narsamma falls unconsious on the road abd breathes her last. Peddulu now has no reason to live. He gives away everthing to his son and daughter in law and leaves his village permanently. Peddulu remembers the youngster who promised to bear all his medical expenses and Peddulu leaves to meet him. But unfortunately he couldn't reach upto the boy as his cell number was switched off. Did Peddulu meet the youngster. Did the youngster really help Peddulu. How did Peddulu show his gratitdude towards the youngster who has fulfilled his duty more than a son. What is the relationshipt between Peddulu, the youngster and Bislery Bottle. Check out this heart touching Short Film to know about all the above.

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